Mythic Team - 2/10M

Ëx aOo posted Apr 15, 17

Congratulations to the mythic raid team!  Well done and time for some well earned cake!!!  laughing

Mythic Team - 1/10M

Kishiko aO posted Mar 16, 17
We had some pretty great raids this week.  Continuing from our previous clear to get some quality time with Gul’dan paid off well. Contratulations to all who got their PROTO-DRAKE!  I LOVE PROTO-DRAKES!  We also got our first taste of the new Mythic raid bosses with good progress on Chronomatic Anomaly and a quick dispatching of Skorpyron.
Congratulations to the mythic team (10/10H, 1/10M), job well done!

This Week Tonight

Kishiko aO posted Feb 5, 17
Hello and welcome to This Week Tonight, I'm your host Kishiko.  Let's get to it...
Our top news story tonight details an ever expanding investigation into violence run amok right here in our own Suramar City.  A series of information leaks from Elisande's top officials confirm that at least 2 high ranking officials in the Nighthold were attacked and killed over the previous weeks.  We have reason to believe these attacks occurred over the past month, but the exact dates are unknown due to information controls by Elisande's Master of Propaganda, known only as GD.
In addition to these attacks, rumors among Legion troops point toward the merciless slaughter of 2 high ranking Legion officials stationed in the Nighthold's ambassador wing.
In unrelated news, a message from Elisande's Master of Propaganda office confirms rumors that she is making good progress on her campaign promises to "clean up" the Nighthold.  According to the press release, Nighthold agents were responsible for cleaning up an insect infestation, stabilizing the Nightwell's temporal anomalies, and removing an out of control construct.  Elisande's office is very proud to have delivered on her promises, and continues to reassure the residents of Suramar City the same level of commitment for all her priorities.

From an anonymous source, we have obtained images which we believe to be real. Their validity we leave to you, the readers, to decide!
Piperdown I'm soooo confused. There are dead bosses and Beast is alive? I'm very disappointed in you Tearies. Congrats ...
Scathbais Well played Kish!!
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